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A creative agency partnering with people making the world a better place. Creating brands you want to know about.

Who we've worked with on the way

Designing brands that create sustainable success

What does success look like for you? What if you could have a brand that gets you there? 

We create extraordinary brands that are recognised by the right people, gets them engaged and create sustainable success.

Like our work with Scottish Engineering, since their rebrand in 2018 we’ve seen their membership growing 10% year on year (even through the pandemic!).

The high value brand image we delivered helped ScotEng secure major government-funded projects. Projects that are supporting Scotland to a low-carbon future – a key reason for OmV supporting the organisation.

In 2020 our marketing strategy for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) delivered their best attended SciDays London conference ever (online of course!).

We utilised MSF’s local networks all over the world, connecting them and providing the resources they needed to share our message. The networks engaged not only by showing up – over 2000 people from 30 countries attended over the two days – but also by translating campaign materials into local languages.

The cherry on top, the strategy was reused by SciDays Asia and SciDays London 2021.

When you choose us, you’re not just selecting a branding agency, you’re embracing a mindset that challenges the ordinary.

Let’s make the world more interesting together.

We help you launch, transform and grow

Our expertise gives you what you need to bring your company to the next level. To make good, great. We’ve branded start-ups, transformed brands with decades of history and launched successful global campaigns for NGOs.

Your aims are specific to you, and so are the strategies we deliver to help you get there.

Launching the Culinary Tales brand, our research helped us stand the brand apart from their competitors, speaking directly to an underserved market. We took inspiration from classic fairy tales and folklore to give them the feel of a luxury fashion house, bursting with opulence sprinkled with a little magic.  

Our work with the Humanitarian Open-street mapping Team (HOT) transformed their yearly summit into the unSummit, a world tour of collaborating events centring around humanitarian open-street mapping.

The process we follow helped HOT better understand the concept they were trying to execute, and the brand we created engaged people across the world to join the conferences and community mapping events the unSummit supported.  

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Partner, expert advisor, accomplice

When we work together we’re not just a branding agency, we’re your partner, an accomplice in your success. We yes, and each other’s ideas, develop strategies that work for your reality and deliver extraordinary work to get you where you want to go. 


Brand Strategy​

You know where you want to go, we map the route to take you there. We develop an offering that resonates with your target audience and stands out from the crowd.


Identity Design​

Create a memorable brand experience by crafting a distinctive brand identity. Ensure that your communication reflects the values and philosophy of your brand.


Brand Development​

A beautiful brand needs a guiding hand to help it bloom. We deliver a strong and compelling marketing strategy that helps you achieve your goals.