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Welcome to our boring blog


Life’s too short for boring, yet here we are..

We’re a brand and design studio on a mission to create the extraordinary. If you don’t like reading.. well.. you’re in the wrong place.

There will be gifs. There will be tangents (in brackets (sometimes double brackets!)). There will be misused full stops masquerading as trailed off thoughts (not to be confused with two thirds of an ellipsis..).

But all that is merely dressing for the brand cake you can feast on in our Boring Blog. We’re dropping knowledge and insights we’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) from years of branding, design and marketing for clients across the world. Op-eds on whatsgoin’on in art and design, ideas pulled from projects, problems pulled from clients and the best answers we have so far.

How can I get it?? I hear you scream at your brightly lit screen (perhaps while on the toilet at work). Well my porcelain mounted friend, subscribe to our Substack and twice monthly we’ll furnish you with the best our boring blog has to offer.

Thank you and you’re welcome

OmV xx