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Rail Cluster

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Designing the Future of Scottish Railways

The Rail Cluster is a growing network of SMEs, rail manufacturers and contractors bringing jobs and investment to Scotland. Its mission is to decarbonise Scotland’s railways by 2035 and make the country a world leader in net zero emissions railways.

Scottish Engineering asked us to create a sleek and modern brand identity that fits its brand family. We designed and built a website with a forum as a tool to facilitate connections amongst the growing number of the Rail Cluster members.

Sub-brand development to new success

The Rail Cluster is a project delivered by Scottish Engineering. To show that it belongs to the same brand family, we have used similar elements and colour schemes.

One of the challenges was that all the photos provided by their members were different from each other. They’re also not the most inspiring places! We have chosen to give all the photos a specific blue-grey layover to unify the style and elevate their quality but also give them an interesting feel.