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Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

Brand design
Sub-brand design
Marketing content


Drawing Thousands Of People To HOT's First UnSummit

The HOT unSummit is a world tour of collaborating events centring around humanitarian open-street mapping. HOT’s aim was to raise the profile of humanitarian mapping across the globe, by connecting people, providing funding and support to conferences and community mapping events.

We were asked to create a brand that would appeal to audiences all over the world and bring them to join in the spirit of the unSummit.

Co-creating the brand

HOT wanted their mapping community to be able to co-create the unSummit brand so that they could feel part of it no matter where they lived.

After researching historic mapping styles from all over the world, we designed a series of elements based on common map features. We chose a simple line style that could be easily recreated and expanded by anyone to suit their local geography.
We used these elements across the unSummit brand and merch.

HOT Voting Members Meeting, Tyler Radford, HOT, Florence, Italy, August 2022

A global success!

From the mid-progam report:

  • 14 conference collaborations on 6 continents
  • 133 HOT community members supported to attend
  • Over 3,300 people reached


The unSummit concept hit all its key indicators and is being taken forward into 2023 and beyond.

Orwell met Vila were great to work with and we were probably not the easiest customers – we were asking them to put together branding, merchandise and promo materials for an important pilot programme that we were still in the process of developing.

The process they took us through not only resulted in a solid package of designs and assets that served the programme well, but it actually helped us to better understand and articulate the underlying concept internally and externally.

Aside from being fantastic designers, what I really enjoy about working with them is the empathy, honesty and can-do attitude that they consistently bring to projects. Highly recommended.
Pete Masters
Head Of Community, HOT